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In previous articles, we've talked about specific tactics that you can employ to successful market your business.

We've outlined opportunities like content marketing, social media engagement, digital marketing, and more.

All of these are incredibly useful, successful tactics. Yet, on their own may not yield results. The important thing to understand is that without an accompanying strategy, each tactic is worth very little.

In the advertising world, we rely on tactics and look to strategy to win in the business space. You will see different strategies employed, different campaigns created.

The big industry secret is that each of these campaigns are rooted in the same common denominator -- story.

Consumers want to buy story. In the past, we've written about the changing consumer landscape. It's no longer a market dominated by cost, product, or brand name.

What we know about the modern consumer is that, while they certainly value those three things, they care more about the entity.

They are looking to support companies that are building sustainable goods. They are looking to support businesses that are rooted in their community, ones who give back. Consumers spend their dollars to support organizations that reflect their values.

This hasn't been more apparent than it is right now.

As we move in to 2021, we know that small businesses are fighting to stay afloat. Consumers need that, communities need that, and small business owners need that.

MDW Agency has been committed to supporting small businesses, non-profit organizations, and community groups. We're interested in being a part of the movement to support Main Street -- it's what we've done since our inception.

As a departure from tradition, today's blog post isn't a technical post about tactics and operations. It's a call out to small businesses everywhere.

Through effective and impactful storytelling, we can market ourselves, grow business, and win in our space.

The place where MDW Agency thrives is in executing exciting, meaningful campaigns that draw in consumers. And we do that in an incredibly economical way. We believe that every organization, no matter their stature, deserves their spot in the marketplace.

Staying true to our roots, we work hard out here in the flyover country. We all have a story to tell.

Let us tell yours.

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