Social Media For Beginners: Tips and Tricks, Pt. 1

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Content creators have always demonstrated their willingness to rush towards the latest trend in media. Users beg for excuses to post the most recent hashtag or jump on to the hottest trend.

We also know that creators like to support the newest media format, without considering if the platform is right for them. Sometimes this is done at the expense of more consistent, more successful platforms.

The clearest example of this: podcasting.

In the last few years, podcasts have seen a marked increase in popularity as users noticed the potential for success and reach — but not every brand or user is meant to broadcast.

The bulk of aspiring content creators, or those looking to grab a hold of a new marketing idea, are quick to ignore the simple strategy behind effectiveness and brand positioning.

In this content, the best thing we can understand about content creation is that the medium matters very little.

The message is the most critical element to any marketing strategy.

Consider it this way: the medium is the vehicle by which we deliver our message. It is no way relevant to the mission, it only determines how we share it.

Here’s how we tie this all together.

If you’re preparing to venture into the world of content creation or are looking to expand your organization’s presence, understand this: find your medium.

Take a risk. Use the less popular platform.

Hold firm to the idea that consumer loyalty is far more useful that erratic user gain.

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