Social Communities: Connecting with Customers and Building your Brand.

We've previously written about the importance of engagement in marketing. Consumer engagement is worth far more than reach. Engagement builds loyalty, drives sales, and sustains the brand.

It also builds community.

Social communities. These are cohorts of consumers and supporters that exist within your digital real estate. They are on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They subscribe to your blog, you're in their feed, and they react and share your content.

They are beyond consumers. They exist within your realm, they live in your community.

We've written about the importance of formulating social communities, and fostering those relationships with your consumers. Let's take a look at some examples of brands doing this successfully.

1. Sephora.

Sephora features 'Beauty Talk' -- a large, organized forum where users can ask questions, share ideas, and have their issues resolved by other enthusiasts. Their 'Beauty Board' offers a way for customers to engage with the product.

2. Lego

One of the most iconic brands out there. It has a consumer base of young people to the young at heart. Lego thrives on their consumer -- a fun-loving, creative individual.

With 'Lego Ideas' anyone can submit proposals for design ideas, vote on others, and leave feedback for the organization. The most popular ideas actually go to market.

Imagine sourcing direct from consumer.

3. Xbox Ambassadors

There are parameters to becoming an Xbox Ambassador. That's sensible -- Xbox caters to a large and passionate fan base.

But, Xbox Ambassadors serve an important role for the brand. You provide support on official Xbox Forums, host Twitch streams, provide product feedback, and create video content.

Online communities serve to drive engagement and enhance the brand. Building a digital community can happen a few different ways -- it's important to prioritize the consumer, drive engagement, and excite conversation.

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