Digital Organizing, Mobilization, and the Ladder of Engagement.

You've likely heard a very basic principle of marketing: Hook, Line, and Sinker.

It's a simple notion of enticing your consumer, drawing them in, and winning them over. Helpful stuff. But not incredibly comprehensive.

In previous entries, we've talked at length about how winning a sale isn't the end all of marketing anymore. The role of a communicator truly has advanced to focusing on winning the heart and mind of a consumer, and scoring engagement.

The end goal of marketing: Drive the Consumer to Action.

The reason this is such an important concept is because it applies to so much more than just sales. It applies to marketing in any industry, any field. You can sell a product, get a new webform, win a volunteer, gain a newsletter sign-up, and so much more.

How we edge with consumers in a digital market is called: Digital Organizing.

As a concept, it's defined as using virtual tools to move passive consumers into active stakeholders in your organization who will take meaningful actions towards change.

To support this theory, we use the magical Ladder of Engagement.

The Ladder of Engagement is an organizing framework that is designed around an approach to develop supporters into volunteers and volunteers into stakeholders over a series of steps that increase with marginal difficulty.

There are three key steps on this ladder.

  • Identification

  • Engagement

  • Activation

Let's start with Step One: Identification.

  1. Find people in your target group who could be engaged and would likely participate in your organization.

  2. This is friends and family, social media followers, existing supporters, and folks with similar interests.

  3. The goal is to identify new supporters and build a consumer database.

Step Two: Engagement

  1. Identified supporters are consistently engaged in organizational activities. You'll find groups with multiple levels of interest.

  2. These supporters are from website sign-ups, first-time volunteers, and contacts sourced from other areas.

  3. The goal is to build relationships with long-term supporters.

Step Three: Activation

  1. Moving engaged supporters to higher barrier actions that create impact in your community.

  2. Supporters who are constantly engaging virtually or in-person, long-time supporters, a history of volunteering, or those passionately committed to the cause.

  3. Move engaged supporters to take action towards community change.

Identifying, engaging, and activating supporters to join your organization can be done multiple ways. Using earned and paid media, sourcing through social channels, and building through traditional organizing can all help lead your campaign to a successful point.

There's a lot to understand about digital organizing. It's not cookie-cutter, it can't be impersonal, and has to look good. Truthfully, the rest is nuance. It depends on you, your organization, and your base of support.

Reach out to MDW Agency for more information, and let us help you build your digital movement today.

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